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Fine Arts by Iz Maglow

Contemporary Fine Art Painting, Stage Design, and more

This fine art website of German art by Iz Maglow presents his contemporary art work, information with references of his web design and an artistic documentation of his stage design, which he developed mostly for Kammeroper Frankfurt (Germany) for about ten years.

The center of this official Fine Art Web Site is an overview of fine art painting which was all created by Iz Maglow during decades.

In his art work as well as in his painting style Iz Maglow always searched for new ways to go. That's the reason why the kind of his fine art paintings cover a large scale. Most of all exposed art work Iz Maglow painted on canvas, paper or wood.

In IZ Art Self Portrait the artist shows his skills in digital graphic design by assigning a typical art self portrait to each year of his life. In this section his fine art web site is full of fun entertainment and brings you close to many aspects of German Art and Artist Iz Maglow.

Even all documentation of his Stage Design for Kammeroper Frankfurt (Germany) are presented in an artistic manner. These stage impressions and pictures of performances passed intensive digital editing to show the artist's point of view.

Since 2007 the painter Iz Maglow follows many individual requests and started to provide some tips on Painting Techniques & Art Material Guidelines with basic information, experiences, and tips for beginners and interested artists.

Learn how to stretch canvas over big canvas panels, what kind of canvas are available, which is the best brush for acrylic or oil techniques, or read about cobalt blue pigment and other painting mediums.


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