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Acrylic Paint Set | Paint with Acrylic

In late 20th century painting with acrylic has become one of the most popular art material for painters all over the world. Not like oil colors, the new acrylic paint and colors can easily be mixed with water and the drying process is much shorter. To slow down drying you have to use special paint thinner.

After completely drying through water-soluble acrylic become a watertight and water resistant color layer. Even thick acrylic color layers keep elasticity and do not become cracked easily.

Acrylic paint set for painting on canvas

Beginners should start with an acrylic paint set. These sets offer the best possibility to experience painting with acrylic colors by providing all necessary art material.

If you've painted before with oil colors and plan to change to acrylic paint for the first time, you've to get used to the quick drying process.

Acrylic paint sets come with 12-color or 24-color schemes and are perfect to test glaze layers and mixed techniques.

Professional painters may prefer paint sets with 48 acrylic artist colors and even buy single, specific color tones. Acrylic sets provide best painting conditions for artists who like to paint with acrylic colors on voyages. Acrylics are smooth with pigment strength and permanence.

Painting with Acrylic

Acrylics are intermixable with other tube acrylics and can be thinned with water to create glaze layers. A water-soluble medium helps to give acrylic paintings a shiny finishing. You should keep in mind, that some acrylic colors darken quite obvious during drying.

Acrylics don't smell, are lightproof and don't get yellowy. Acrylic colors dry permanently insoluble. Titanium-white is most effective to lighten colors. Some painters mix their paint with sand to increase the effect of a third dimension on their canvas.

Acrylic can be painted on foundations like wood, wooden panel, canvas, metal, stone, clay, cardboard or paper with brushes or a putty knife. Art specialized dealers offer perfect foundations for acrylic paintings on canvas and on wooden basis.

Immediately after you finish painting with acrylic colors, you should clean all painting tools with cold water. After acrylic has dried through completely, it becomes non waterproof. Such dry artist tools have to be cleaned with a special solvent.

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Acrylic Paint Set | Painting with Acrylic