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Several Brushes and Putty Knives come with most Brush Sets

How to create so different paintings like Rembrandt or Van Gogh? All techniques of fine art painting require different art material like various brands of oil paint, brushes and studio tools.

Most different kinds of artists brushes and putty knives enable you to experience numerous techniques and help you to create your individual style. Brushes are made from normal hair, bristles and from synthetic materials. Art supply offers round brushes and flat brushes. Each art technique needs its own tool, like smooth water color brushes, tighter oil brushes or an medium strong acrylic brush.

Water Color Brush Sets

Beginners and artists will find pre-sorted brush sets for all techniques at their art craft supplier. These sets provide a good selection of spatulas, knives and art brushes in various sizes.

How want to do some water color paintings will need soft and round brushes like the red marten brush. Manufactured from real hair from red martens, these water color tools let you paint very bold and smooth. Cheap synthetic brushes often loose lots of hair during a painting session.

For silk painting you will find extra soft silk brushes. Most the time this art craft material is still produced the traditional way: made from a mix of natural and smooth synthetic hairs. A silk brush is the perfect art tool to do paint tender, round forms.

Artist's Brush, spatula and putty knife are part of any brush set

Best choice for acrylic paintings are tight flat and round brushes made from synthetic hair. An acrylic brush set comes with thin round and sharpened flat brushes (also called cat's tongue) to paint details and thin lines. Acrylic brush sets also include several flat brushes to create backgrounds or bigger forms. You should clean paint from acrylic artists brushes right after you finish you artwork with water. After acrylics get dry and hard you need special thinner or other chemicals to clean your art materials.

Art friends, who want to work with oil paint will find even more painting tools for oil painting, that help to express an own individual style. Shops for art supply offer round brushes, "cats' tongues", and flat oil brushes for his traditional technique.

Many painters prefer to work with putty knives and spatulas. These tools allow to bring the paint very thick from the painter's palette on the canvas panel. To create colored structures on canvas or wood, a putty knife is one of the greatest art craft materials. The impression form painting done with brush, spatula or knife is completely different.

Special art supply allows to paint additional difficulties. There are leaf brushes, various background brushes, or specially formed fur brushes to perfectly imitate the appearance of animals in your oil painting. Fanlike brushes and numerous kinds of spatulas and putty knives increase the possibility to work out more impressive effects. All these additional art tools come in different sizes and from various art manufacturers and can be bought as single art craft equipment or in special art craft sets.

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