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Choose between Roll Canvas or Pre-Stretched Canvas Panels

The classical ground for masterpieces in oil as well as for paintings in acrylics, gouache or tempera are canvas panels. Fine art paintings on regular stretched canvas can last for centuries without creating folds.

You may prefer to stretch roll canvas over a frame to build your individual panel size, or you can choose at your store for art supplies one of numerous pre-stretched canvas panels. Wedges in each corner allow to re-stretch the artwork after years.

Choose between pre-stretched canvas or roll canvas

Before you start painting the canvas cloth has to get primed once or twice. Best foundation for oil paint on canvas is traditional chalk-primer or half chalk-primer.

Professional painters prefer to buy a canvas roll and create their own panel from unprimed or primed cotton or linen.

Dealer for artist material provide stretcher strips for regular stretching and priming materials for multimedia surfaces.

Hobby painters can find for their studies canvas papers, canvas pads or hardboard panels, and all kinds of canvases in numerous sizes and for various techniques. High quality canvas panels have enough canvas pulled around the back of the panel to make a painting really re-stretchable.

Canvas panels and various kinds of roll canvas

If the stretcher bars fix the canvas in the back, you can even paint right on all four edges of the canvas and create an additional effect for your painting. Simple pre-stretched canvases with bars fixing the linen on the edges should get framed at least with a thin strip of wood, or even better with a appropriate frame. If you buy primed canvas you should look for the quality of the priming material. It should be an acid-free pH-balanced and non-permeable primer.

To build your own individual painting panel get primed or unprimed roll canvas. Preferred painting cloth is raw linen canvas, cotton, cotton blankets, cotton canvas with linen-effect and nettle canvas.

100% raw linen e.g. about 390g/m2 shows a fine and regular weave. Stretching qualities are very good. Especially for realistic and naturalistic styles is this light weave a vital advice. Also for very small canvas panels you should choose such a kind of raw linen.

For toughest and sturdiest canvas qualities you can buy 100% cotton blanket e.g. 460 g/m2. The thin, diagonal weave provides more liveliness for the painting. In combination with the right priming material and adhered with an acid-free adhesive such a 100% cotton canvas is the best ground for oil colors, acrylics, and tempera or gouache.

Cotton with linen effect creates even more vividness. This strong weave would be the right choice for an expressive painting style together with thick layers of paint and for heavier paint applications.

Nettle canvas and cotton duck by roll is more economically priced. Especially for painters of big picture sizes and for students this painting cloth is an ideal canvas and a good chance to balance of quality and economy. Make sure for all big canvas panels to use enough struts with "crosses" and "bridges", about all 12 inches, for a solid basic wood stretcher.

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