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Fine Art Framing with decorative Aluminium Frames

Decorative picture frames present your art work in a more advantageous way and create an individual relationship between your fine art and your private surroundings. Traditionally fine art frames are made from wood.

Many artists prefer natural wood or painted frames in any decorative color. Many handy and cheap art frames cover the market. Besides these quick 'n easy solutions there are more and more people choosing aluminium framing to protect their arts and to intensify the effect of their poster.

Framing fine art with picture frames made of aluminium

Aluminium art frames have become a very common art frame supply to present precious fine art with solid framing. Frame shops always provide new techniques and forms to simply frame and re-frame art works.

You may choose an art and frame gallery, if you need professional advice on how to frame fine art pictures. These stores offer aluminium frames in standard sizes and can easily make an individual size by order.

Fine Art Framing with Aluminium Frames

To do individual framing by yourself use aluminium profiles for frames by meter. Specialized art frame stores provide all necessary additions like connecting pieces for metal corners and hang systems.

Profiles by meter offer unlimited possibilities in size and form. Frame manufacturers provide aluminum profiles for art framing in numerous styles, diameters, sizes, and alloys.

You will find whatever colored poster art frame you like plus art work frames in chrome, brass, silver, gold and diverse metallic lacquers.

Aluminium profiles for picture frames vary from thin bars, (just a few millimeters) to several centimeter thick ones. Connecting pieces for corners differ in style and strength. Normally the corners are fixed with metal elbow elements to stick or screw two sides together or massive triangle connections.

Extreme tiny frame profiles are most suitable for frame lengths below 80cm. Otherwise you have to adjust longer sizes with additional crosswise strengthening to guaranty safety to your art work plus passé partout plus heavy glass in an oversized tiny aluminum frame. Framing with interchangeable picture frames works best for artists, galleries and art collectors, who often have to change their framed art work. Picture frames manufactured from aluminium increases the durability compared to cheap plastic frames.

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Fine Art Framing with Aluminium Frames