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How to Frame a Painting ?

While similar in some ways, framing a painting is quite different than picture framing. For example, many paintings are created on a piece of canvas that is attached to a stretcher. For many people, knowing how to frame such an artwork requires research and many simply hire a professional to ensure that the job is done properly.

Proper framing of a painting is something that can be done at home, it is simply up to the art owner to ensure that the painting is framed properly.

Profesional picture framing to present and protect the artwork

For starters, the type of frame used is very important. For a painting on a stretched canvas, it is advised to use special clips to secure the stretcher to the frame. Because of this, a durable frame is advised, such as a metal or wooden frame. Aluminum frames can be both practical and decorative, provided that they are sturdy enough to support the tight clips.

While plastic picture frames are not advised for clips that must be screwed or attached to the back of a frame in any manner other than clipping, plastic frames are quite commonly used to frame pieces of art. Most plastic frames are not as durable as other types of frame, but can be quite decorative. There are a number of reputable makers of plastic frames who deal specifically within the art community, but a majority of frames designed for large photographs are not suitable for paintings.

One similarity that does exist between picture framing and painting frames is that both are designed for the art to fit perfectly through the back of the frame. Whether there is a need for glass in the front of a painting frame depends on the medium used. Oil paints will require a layer of glass to prevent oxidation and moisture damage, while acrylics are typically framed without the need for a layer of glass due to their resilience.

In essence, all that is needed to properly frame a painting is an understanding of the type of frame and covering needed and a frame that matches the size of your painting. When the painting is properly inserted into the frame, simply clip or secure the canvas stretcher or painting sides to the frame. For most frames, there is a simple paper backing that will cover the rear of the painting, which serves to protect the canvas from the accumulation of dust. A wire hanger will likely be attached to the back of the frame to allow for easy wall display.

When framing your work of art, note that it is not whether you select a plastic, metal, or wooden frame that matters most. Whether you use oak or aluminum frames, what will be of the utmost importance is that it both protects and enhances your artwork. While a simple plastic picture frame is often enough to cover most mass produced prints, heavier paintings will require a more sturdy plastic or a more durable material. With the proper frame, your artwork will be both well accented and perfectly highlighted; providing a unique conversation piece for all who see it.

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How to Frame a Painting ?