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What do you have to consider for proper oil paintings presentations?

Framing oil paintings is an exercise in both presentation and preservation. Proper framing gives an added aesthetic appeal, while also serving to protect the painting from moisture, oxygenation, pollution, and even the oils on the skin. For many artists, framing is a key component of oil painting presentation and something that warrants a great deal of attention.

One of the first considerations of oil painting framing must be executed in the creation of the painting. A sense of symmetry and balance must be created in order for the painting to fit aesthetically within a frame. If the painting is highly disproportionate, such as if the viewer's eye is drawn primarily to the left side of the painting, framing will appear skewed and viewers will have a hard time with the piece.

Profesional oil painting presentation serves presentation and preservation

A properly proportionate painting will fit well within a frame, the framing highlighting the work itself, adding an artistic quality of its own. The framing is also very important to the preservation of canvas artwork, as it protects the paint from the oils on the hands of interested viewers and protects the painting from degradation over time as well.

A proper mat will separate the painting from the glass, which prevents mildew and molding, as the glass develops condensation over time and with temperature and lighting changes.

Framing oil paintings is truly a mix of functionality and aesthetic presentation. Many an oil painting presentation has been helped or hindered by the framing, depending on the framing chosen and whether it complimented or contrasted the work inside. For all but the most modern and interpretive pieces, artists will likely want a frame that compliments the painting, adding to it in some way without ever distracting the viewer.

When choosing an oil painting framing, it is important to realize that there are many choices available in both pre-made and custom made frames. If you can not find the frame you need to give your piece the showcase you feel it needs and deserves, a custom made frame can often offer the needed solution. It is very important to use the right frame for a piece, creating a single unit of both art and frame, rather than the obvious impression that they are two separate pieces, as when the frame and artwork are a good fit, the frame is able to go virtually unnoticed and the viewer can admire the painting without distraction.

A proper frame is appropriate for almost any canvas artwork, as the protection offered by a quality frame is simply a worthwhile investment. Be certain to use a proper mat, and if having the painting framed professionally, to use a framer who specializes in framing oil paintings. The needs for this type of framing can be different than that of mediums such as photography, and proper artwork should be properly framed. With the right frame, you can ensure that your oil painting presentation gives just the impression you were looking for, leaving viewers with an unobstructed view of your work and its meaning, complimented by the frames but never overshadowed.

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What do you have to consider for professional oil paintings presentations?