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Introduction to Painting Techniques & Art Supply Tips by Iz Maglow

Information on art supplies like paint, colors, tools, art studio material and painting techniques: This brief introduction will show you an overview of various kinds of art material guidelines and interesting information on color, paint, and other art materials like brushes, putty knives, stretched canvas, hardboard panels, frames, hang systems and studio environment as well as vital tips on painting with acrylic or oil colors, ideal framing, hanging and art presentation. All topics are related to art material and art supply. New artist's products for professional painters and basic information for everybody, who just starts making his first experiences with the "art of painting".

Painting Mediums

Vital art supply for painting artists

Painting Accessories and Art Material Guide

Oil paints leave time to change and perfect the painting

Painting Techniques

Highlight each piece of art

Art Presentation Tips

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Art Materials | Art Supply Introduction