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Advantages and Disadvantages of Interchangeable Picture Frames

Framing artwork is a very important aspect of both preservation and presentation. While most artists prefer framing with wood or aluminum frames, some people choose to purchase things like an interchangeable picture frame to display recently acquired artwork. These frames have many distinct advantages and disadvantages over framing with aluminum or wood, and may be better suited for some types of art than others.

One advantage of interchangeable picture frames is found in their very name. Interchangeable frames are well suited for people who frequently change the décor of their homes or who may want to move a piece between rooms or even to display it at multiple galleries.

Framing art with interchangeable frames

Inter-changeable frames also give an artist a chance to see their work against a number of different colors, in some cases changing the entire feel of a piece. Some pieces may capture one emotion when set against a standard wooden frame, while creating an entirely different emotion when surrounded in a bright and modern aluminum frame.

Framing with wood as a means of creating a permanent frame has many advantages, as does framing with aluminum.

Unlike interchangeable frames, a permanent frame is easier to secure to the painting without the risk of damage to the structure, as the canvas stretcher can be permanently affixed to the frame. With interchangeable frames, there is risk from the constant securing and releasing of the stretcher that the frame will break, thus releasing the canvas. With a permanent frame, the painting is securely attached and is framed in such a manner to prevent damage to the painting.

Damage is another concern with interchangeable picture frames. These frames are typically less sturdy and not designed for the specific piece of art within. These frames may break, and paintings can easily be damaged as they are being transferred from one frame to another.

While a permanent frame is custom built for a specific piece of art and thus designed to protect it against air, pollution, and moisture, an interchangeable frame is typically generic and less expensive, making it more likely to be susceptible to condensation and oxygenation. While there are many excellent interchangeable frames with numerous benefits, there is also a need for artists or art lovers to select their frames carefully, ensuring that they are designed for the proper size and material of the art they will be used to frame.

Framing with wood and aluminum is, at the end of the day, a good way to protect a painting. Permanent, custom frames provide protection that is specifically designed for your work of art. If, however, you feel that your decorative tastes make your art better suited for interchangeable picture frames, taking the time to find frames that are the right size and are well constructed can provide a tremendous amount of protection to your piece. Framing your art is as much about preservation as it is about aesthetics. Whether you choose an interchangeable frame or are framing with aluminum or wood, the right frame can make all the difference in both the duration and appearance of your art work.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Interchangeable Picture Frames