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Advantages of Painting Outdoors

Painting outdoors can be a very rewarding and inspiring experience. By allowing yourself to draw from nature ideas and inspiration, you may gain a new perspective or a decidedly fresh concept that you well may never have thought of by sitting in a studio or in your home.

Drawing outdoors can provide inspiration through magnificent things, such as a brilliant sunrise or through small things such as a beautiful flower or a majestic creature.

Painting a landscape outdoors is that nature provides an endless supply of ideas

Setting up your painting equipment outdoors is especially beneficial for projects such as painting a landscape, where the natural inspiration can provide both a physical and mental guideline for the artist.

Whether you are looking to find inspirational sights or simply to escape the technological nature of buildings, painting outdoors can provide a welcome change.

Sometimes simply getting away from cell phones, computers, televisions, and other distractions can truly help provide a much needed spark of creativity.

Drawing outdoors is appreciated by many landscape artists

When deciding to paint outdoors, it is important to remember all of your materials. This means bringing all of your paints or pastels, a couple of panels, a sketch pad, and any other materials you may need. The constant distraction of having to retrieve forgotten materials can hinder the flow of creativity, and for those who are working in a remote location, forgetting necessary materials can ruin an entire outing.

Another advantage to painting outdoors is natural lighting. While subtle changes in lighting over the course of the day may hinder an artist painting a landscape from a visual scene, the natural lighting and the energy it gives people is often uplifting and inspiring for artists, allowing them to draw from nature and convert that energy into brilliant art works. Even this subtle lighting change may be enough to inspire an artist facing a bit of a block in creativity.

Another benefit of drawing outdoors is that nature provides an endless supply of ideas. From a fish jumping in a running stream to a tree whose branches are perfectly outlined in winter's first snow, there is always something to capture the artist's imagination in nature. For some artists, being alone in nature even helps them to put a new perspective on an urban subject, considering it from a new point of view and as an outsider.

In short, painting outdoors can truly be an endless source of inspiration. Whether you are painting a landscape or looking for a new perspective on an existing idea, being alone with only nature, fresh air, natural lighting, and your thoughts may be the best way to find the inspiration you are looking for. Many artists find that freedom from worldly distractions such as cell phones that hinder our activities and interrupt the artistic process can truly aid in the creation of some inspired and majestic works of art. From the simplistic to the complex, many ideas can be better conveyed and expressed by artists of all experience levels when created in the inspiring and isolated environment that Mother Nature provides.

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Advantages of Painting Outdoors