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We have changed our way to look at things a lot since pictures got motion. In these days we use filming and recording in many situations of daily life just with our digital-camera or hand phone. Where ever we are we access the internet, what becomes more and more a platform to exchange cultural, commercial and political movies or video messages. Especially movie makers and artists use the web for global presentation and marketing of their individual art movies, music videos and art-clips. There are sophisticated art videos, that allow virtual online walks through an art museum or movies like documentations of arts and travel exist next to funny home and clip-art movies. Watching and sending video clips for private entertainment has technically become easy and very fast since digitalization of modern film recording and the decrease of movie sizes and download times. Online movie and video portals offer a huge amount of artistic movie websites and information on art video and film resources for art interested web visitors. And sometimes it's just a small step from art-clips to entertaining fun movies and private web cam experiments. The following section will list a few extraordinary websites of art, film and video on the internet.


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Ajax Films - Film Art aus New York

AJAX FILMS - New York City
Pink Hill | 4 O'Clock | Short Films | Cast & Crew | the Masterminds | Filmography | About AJAX FILMS



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