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It's an old saying that "travelling increases your horizon". For sure, everybody will agree after a tour through different cultures, a long stay in countries with other customs or in areas far off road. Arts and travel are aspects that determine our voyages and enrich our holidays. Travelling far away gives us the possibility to see our own habits and our daily way of life from a distant point of view. We enjoy art traveling that show us the creativity of strangers and ancient cultures. We realize new relationships and get more understanding of related arts or of our own culture. Long distant travels and the knowledge of strange civilizations enrich our fantasy and create own "arts" related to our travel impressions and memories. Most travellers take photographs or do holiday videos to keep important moments from their voyages. Artists start to create art drawings, artistic objects or paintings, like German artist Iz Maglow, who kept his view of Balinese cultural life in dense structured fine art paintings of Bali impressions. Also his drawings of Tuscany cities or his American-Wall-Art show unforgotten and deep artworks caused by distant arts and travel. On this arts and travel page you will find high quality tours and artistic travel destinations, - special guesthouses and secret treasures on this planet, where others may find their travelers' dream of a last, lost paradise.


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Art and Culture Travelling in Bali

Orchids and luxurious holiday bungalows surrounded by Rice Terraces on the paradise island of Bali - Villa Orchid Bali - spend your holidays in a private atmosphere.

Shan Yoma Travel & Tours - Explore Myanmar's Culture
Offer cheap flight and hotel reservation for Myanmar. Tourism related services and eco tour, adventure, cycling, meditation, and other services.




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