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Clip-art graphics are valuable and fast help for web designer and graphic designer to get impressive ideas for special effects without to much of own startup work. Especially for logos and offline presentations clip-art resources may provide small and clear samples and can even be the missing piece to fill a gap in a simple web design. Clip arts are divided in two groups: animated and non-animated clipart graphics. The first mentioned group is often used on long, imageless web pages with lots text about specific subjects to loosen up long text passages and to entertain the reader a little bit. Many clipart motifs are very general and related to common terminology of comics and simple drawings. Others concentrate on graphical symbols like circles, balls, lightning arrows, hearts, stars and clouds. Very common are slogan-like situations with business men, business women, students, or school kid. The subject of clipart covers daily situations at the office, in shops, around finance topics, university, or at home and household, but also religious holidays like Christmas and Easter, or Valentines day. A great amount of clips show animal motifs or floral drawings. Webmasters can find lots of handy webmaster tools like clip arts with buttons, navigation bars, icons and wallpapers for fast and simple website designs. There are many homepages in the internet where graphic designers offer cheap or free clipart motifs sorted by categories for any thinkable purpose.


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Over 10,000 free clipart images and the net's best clipart sites. Icons, balls, backgrounds, bars, graphics, animated gifs, clip art, and more! This site is updated every 30 minutes, bookmark us now!



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