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Many cultures use dance to highlight important ceremonies and ritual or personal events. The intention and the performance of dances varies a lot from continent to continent. While Western dance theaters perform esthetic arts in ballets or scenic dance evenings, African dance performances express more spontaneous and emotional expressive dances. Completely different act South-East Asian dancers, who do holy dances, - traditionally performed in temples and palaces. Even touristy versions of these dance performances show the austere style of these totally different dances. Today, modern dance choreographies include elements of numerous dances of other cultures and combine strange and unused movements with own traditional forms and common dance styles. Such international dance theater evenings provide great pleasure and are an enormous chance to get new inspiration. Many painters like German artist Iz Maglow got inspired by theater and dance and have created own artworks around dancing and ballet situation. His paintings about Balinese dance in modern art transform the gestures and forms of Balinese dancers into colorful multi layered structures. In his swing and dance figures expressive structures reflect the vividness of Bogie Bogie, Swing and Rock 'n Roll. On the other side, experimental ballet and modern dance theater quote these colors of fine arts in light effects, dance costumes and of course in the dancers' movements on the stage.


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