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Extensions since online start of izmaglow.com/


Annual Updates in the categories News, latest Artworks and digital Art.


The section called Art Materials / Art Supply Guidelines has been removed.

2018 / 19

More Content, Less Pages, Easier Navigation! The entire website is completely redesigned. The screen views are widened visually, whereby some areas can now be temporarily hidden. At the same time the texts are partially shortened and updated. All art pages will be updated and compressed so that related topics can be viewed in a manageable way and the navigation becomes faster and clearer. From previously over 300 pages, the entire site is compressed to about 90 pages, with even additional images and texts in many areas. The clear legibility for smartphones and small tablets is of course maintained.


All pages in PAINTING and SCULPTURE are getting updated for a better legibility on smartphones and tablets.


All INTRO pages are getting updated for a better legibility on smartphones and tablets.


Several updates in various sections such as painting techniques, news, artists portraits, ...


Major update of my "Painting Techniques and Art Material Guide":
with answers to frequently asked questions, such as:
How to paint with Oils, Painting a live Model, Framing an Art Drawing


Start of the new category as already announced at "Actual Art News":
with a first page of background information to artworks:
art information for Bali art paintings of Iz Maglow.


Actual updates in most sections.

January 2007

Last year the German site got it. Now the English site of IzMaglow.com got it, too. The section called Art Materials / Art Supply Guidelines. A little guide that will grow and hopefully answer many of those questions, various web visitors had about art supplies and techniques.

June - Dec. 2006

Annual updates in section: Balinese studies, Bali art - Umbul Umbul and Musical sounds in expressive colorful art paintings. Besides all regulary updates at news, artist's self portraits and new art resources.

March 2006

The last website section about STAGE DESIGN by Iz Maglow has change into the new frameless design. This means the whole fine art website of Iz Maglow with more than 500 web pages in English language is up-to-date.

September 2005

all link tips are listed by several categories around art topics in a new ART DIRECTORY and visitors can easily suggest their site by submitting all required site information with a new submission form.

August 2005

the re-designing of both digital areas WEB ART DESIGN and IZ ART SELF PORTRAIT is done (including all sub-groups the portrait site itself shows more than 200 pages for each language).
The separation of --.de for the German Site and --.com for all international parts is prepared.
The biggest news will be the free greeting-cards service with over 50 art motifs.

May - July 2005

the "renovation-project" of the whole Fine Art Web Site with new designed HOME page and FINE ART PAINTING introduction, with lots of additional text information about art and artist has got a huge step forward.
Navigation has become more easy, old framesets have been replaced by single pages in a new layout.
The multi lingual pages are replaced by separate pages for each language (English and German).
Finally I created CURRENT ART NEWS as a new platform for special events or information on actual work progress of Iz Maglow.

October 2004

it took some time, but finally "places" and "events" at "iz all about me" are showing now most of those lovely places and unforgotten events, that I was lucky to be able to visit or to take part in it.

September 2004

finally "paintings / balance" presents the complete balance installation of all 5 levels in pictures and short text information.

June 2004

start page gets total new layout with much more choices to enter right into sub-themes.

"fine arts" gets a clearer navigation system with separate subgroup-frames.

"dance & swing" under "fine arts / paintings" is added for some of the new 2004 paintings. Others are stored under "paintings / velazquez / infantin" and "studies / relationship / friends".

May 2004

"webARTdesign" is updated with latest references.

"links / new friends" is updated with new logos.

all pages start getting new upgrade.

April 2004

"stage design / inhouse.." gets further updates.

December 2003

"stage design / inhouse.." and "outdoor designs" get further new flash and html versions.

Problems with the mail script on sub-domains are solved. If you never got an answer on your mail, because it didn't arrive, PLEASE try again.

As a new service a user statistics chart is published and will be updated frequently.

May 2003

"stage design / festivals" is presented more complete with new flash and html versions.
"iz all about me / links & games" gets some new "square meters around iz maglow".
"fine arts / studies / relationships" are updated.

October 2002

"fine arts / paintings / announcements" and "fine arts / studies / vis à vis" get extensions by "fine arts / specials / sculptures" and "tempo" now expose objects and sculptures by Iz Maglow.

September 2002

"fine arts / paintings" are extended by 6 pages about "musical notes", a complete overview about Iz Maglow's art works around music.
In a further extension the 3 pages of "bulls" are added, which present many of the bull paintings.

August 2002

"fine arts / studies" are updated with some new "studies on relationships". "Balinese studies" get much more space on 7 pages now.

July 2002

the whole web site is moved to its own domain at http://www.izmaglow.com/.

March 2002

the whole part "iz all about me" gets new formatted with CSS.

February 2002

the "web & design" part starts with a few examples.

January 2002

the former web site "my home iz my castle", which was created in 1999 gets re-designed, translated into a second language, new formatted with CSS and completely integrated into "iz all about me".

August 2001

the "friends" part is nearly finished and a few pages in "events" and "places" are added.

April 2001

the "portraits" part is nearly finished with my self portraits.


parallel to "my home iz my castle" starts a second site as "iz all about me" including just a few finished "self portraits" and "friends" pages.


this site starts as a small web art collection about my paintings and stage designs as "my home iz my castle" including a few impressions of the "castle's" surroundings.


In 1998, the first small painting website titled "See Bali Through My Eyes" starts with paintings inspired by life and culture in Bali.