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Contemporary Fine Arts of Artist and Painter Iz Maglow

Fine Art Painting, Stage Design, Web Art Design

Since over three decades artist and painter Iz Maglow is improving his fine arts by cross passing the borders from contemporary Fine Art Painting to colourful Stage Designs, artistic graphic design and various solutions in digital Web Art Design. Expressive paintings dominated by colorful structures can be found in many of his artworks. He picks his subjects from his voyages and daily life as well as from art history and admired musical artists. The topics "musical nates" or "colors of music" have been painted by German Artist Iz Maglow in numerous expressive acrylic paintings on canvas as well as on cardboard.

The huge section IZ ART SELF PORTRAIT presents the painter also as an digital artist. His cyber art shows him as well in artistic self portrait as in surroundings of favourite places, private and art events and unforgotten friends.

Since 2008: Background Art-Information on the series of Bali-Art paintings of German painter Iz Maglow, with little articles, Bali-photos and examples of related Bali-paintings. Further information web-pages are planned, especially about the Bull-Paintings, Velazquez, Vis-a-Vis series from Tuscany, and the group of fine-art paintings about the subject of "Announcements".

Since 2009, the German painter extended his art site by an online-guide that provides tips and answers to frequent questions round Painting Techniques, Artist Materials and Fine Art Supply

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