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Maria col Bambino
Maria col Bambino

Besides his Fine Art Painting it's sometimes overlooked that Iz Maglow has created various Sculptures and Art Objects and has exposed those in his exhibitions.

The Dutch Art Magazine t' Circuit quoted the artist about his sculptures in 1990 with following words: "...First of all my objects are meant as a cheerful creation. Reflection comes in the second place. ...."

Several topics of his Fine Art Painting, like "Hommage a Velazquez", "Chairs" or his cycle about the "Holy Announcement" were also transferred by Iz Maglow into Sculptures and Art Objects, which were often expressed in an opposite way. If an art spectator... "...gets in a romantic mood with a "Maria in the Bath", who is combing her hair in front of a kitschy sunset, 'just around the corner' he will expected by a totally unromantic "Susanna in the Bath" - an abstract, black sculpture, that has nothing in common with the former idyllic scene...", wrote about the contrasting range of Iz Maglow's paintings and sculptures the German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau in 1991.

Very early Art Objects of German Art by Artist Iz Maglow are, e.g., his amusing art work with shoes. His alienation effect on common products and usual habits offered a new opportunity for any spectator "to be well on the way" for a new understanding of the subject shoe and Shoe Relics.

Summary of Sculptures and Art Objects of Iz Maglow


Silent Witness (1989 - 1990) is the title Iz Maglow gave this presentation of his sculptures belonging to different themes. These wooden sculptures are covered with many layers of color glaze and are presented with a richly structured plastic skin. Titles like "Maria col Bambino" or "Venus with Mirror" show how close these sculptures follow the subject of Maglow's paintings like "Holy Announcement" or "Hommage a Velazquez".


With these art objects Iz Maglow comes back to his subject Chairs (1989 - 1991). He shows wall-objects similar to relief, that present the chairs as a new perspective object as well as a sign or a "cipher". The "Chair" as a fascinating object has interested this artist already in his stage designs. Especially in his interpretation of Francis Poulenc's "La Voix Humaine", a simple chair was upgraded to an outsized throne.


Most characteristic for these art work of Artist Iz Maglow is the combination of fine art painting and wooden object - in some cases even with fur imitation. Like golden skeletons are these Standing Objects (1987 - 1989) leaning against the wall, symbolic ladders and monochrome surfaces that are named after historical places or events. Some titles like "Carcassonne" or "Béziers in June 1209" point at a helpful direction.


With his series Color-Corners (1987 - 1988) the artist wanted to emphasize that point of his room, where all three dimensions met. "These meeting points are articulated by my 'Color-Corners'. They set an accent by joining or by splitting walls and ceiling, by glowing in light brightness or just by placing a kiss in a corner that may keep you smiling for your whole day..." Iz Maglow once said about his corners.


These very early art work of Iz Maglow are amusing Art Objects called Shoe Relics (1980 - 1981). The artist turns usual habits around, adds an alienation effect on common products and changes the view of common things. This presentation does not need any further explaining words. Therefore some quotes from well known songs of The Beatles will illustrate these art objects.


With his series Tempo (1980 - 1981) Artist Iz Maglow pays attention to an other common product of daily life: a tissue. The tissue's material, its importance in our modern daily life, and the product-name's double meaning inspired the artist for these art objects. These small art objects are subdivided as follows: Size to Sample, Tempo : Speed, Time : Tempo, Nature : Structure.

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