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Theater Stage Picture: Salieri in 1988 (Stage Design Model)
Theater Stage Picture: Donizetti in 1998 (Stage Design Documentary)

For more than one decade Artist Iz Maglow was working as stage designer for the theater stage of Kammeroper Frankfurt. This ensemble performs chamber operas for in-house and open-air plays. His opera stage design shows colorful 3d pictures. Quite often his theater stage design has displayed parallels to fine art paintings of Iz Maglow.

Most open-air stage designs were on mobile stages in Frankfurt, Kastanien-Alley or at Palmengarten. Several Rossini operas of previous years were combined for a spectacular Rossini festival in 1992.

Following portfolio of Iz Maglow's opera stage design presents many of his music stages. He presents his theater stage pictures in short flash animations and in images which have been edited by digital tools.

They give artistic stagedesign impressions through the artist's point of view and are seen as a painted documentary of his outdoor and in-house stage designs.

Summary of Opera Stage Designs of Iz Maglow

Theater Stage Picture: Cimarosa in 1993 (Stage Design Documentary)

The collection of in-house stage designs presents chamber operas with Kammeroper Frankfurt and with Frankfurt Opera between 1987 till 1994.

Theater Stage Picture: Mozart in 1991 (Stage Design Documentary)

Most of these open-air stage designs were produced for performances in Kastanien-Alley, Frankfurt (Germany).

Theater Stage Picture: Rossini in 1992 (Stage Design Documentary)

All presentations of performances during Rossini festival in 1990 are available in flash and in html:

Opera Stage Design of German Artist Iz Maglow mostly created for Chamber Operas were performed at Kammeroper Frankfurt and Oper Frankfurt, Germany.

Listed summery of all Stage Designer References of Iz Maglow. Stage designs for different theaters and operas.

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