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"iz .art" : Digital / Introduction

In the following section you will find some web design examples that Iz Maglow has realized since the 1990s under the label webARTdesign. In addition, this section gives an overview of the ever-changing appearance of this "Iz Maglow website" over the past 20 years.

Iz Maglow: webARTdesign

Unter "webArtdesign" you can see start-pages of websites of different branches that Iz Maglow has designed and realized. 

Web Art Design: References

On the basis of screenshots, this section shows examples of some web concepts that Iz Maglow has designed and partially implemented since the 1990s on various topics.

Over time, both the original look and the technical standard of most of these websites have changed a lot. Some of the websites are still online today, many are already history, owned by new owners or offline.

Iz Maglow always attached great importance to a visually appealing website in his web projects. The websites were in English, French and German.

"iz" - Web History
Iz Maglow Website in 1998

Web History accompanies the change that this website has been going through since 1998, when Iz Maglow first publicized his Bali images on the Internet. 

Iz-Art Website von 2000

While the first pages were dedicated entirely to paintings from Bali, the website was supplemented in the following years by further themes from painting, sculpture and stage design. Personal events found their way into the web site as well as digital experiments. All this can be easily understood in this overview based on screenshots.

In addition to the visual versatility, this section also shows how much webdesign has changed since 1998. The joy of the early years, as it flashed and wobbled on many websites, gave way to years of insight that favored simple designs and prioritized their content. From today's perspective, those constantly moving eye-catchers and flickering, visual gimmicks already seem completely nostalgic. Since the first artistically designed "Cyber ​​Art – Web Sites" of the late 90s, only a relatively short time has elapsed.

Digital Art
Iz Maglow: Self Portrait 1988

This section is a relic of Iz Maglow's very early web presence as he digitally alienated pictures of private events and made those online available. 

Iz Maglow: Self Portrait

Years before social media became a big hype, Iz Maglow started this series, with which he wanted to record personal events, special places and friends as well as self-portraits. For every year of the artist's life, one picture per category was created. Both artistically and for the sake of personal protection, Iz Maglow digitally processed and alienated all illustrations from the beginning.

webArtdesign and digital Artwork by Iz Maglow

At the beginning of the 1990s, Iz Maglow was increasingly interested in painting as well as in the newly emerged digital design possibilities, which he immediately used for stage planning, graphics and poster designs. 

Initially, the digital expressions were still closely linked to the familiar use of familiar media and techniques. The postcard-sized screen of a Mac Classic required a lot of imagination in the implementation of comparatively large graphic and stage projects. Nonetheless, the practical benefits of the new digital technology were already evident. Only a short time later, the first steps towards web art design and artistic cyber art emerged.

As a result, in a mutual interplay of new digital discoveries influenced the previously used forms of design. And vice versa, the painter tried to achieve (or at least integrate) some of the habitual implementation with digital means, which has produced interesting results.

Stage design for Mozart, 1991

In the late 1990s, Iz Maglow began to apply his digital work to the design of websites. The first own page started in 1998. First of all the experimentation with this new medium was in the foreground.