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Iz Maglow's Designs of Chamber Operas

Each time before a chamber opera could go on stage, artist and stage designer Iz Maglow had to draw his ideas in numerous stage sketches, colorful drawings and stage models.

It was a normal procedure, that several previous ideas were turned down before the final concept for the chamber opera crystallized.

Theater Stage Picture: Salieri in 1988 (Stage Sketches) Theater Stage Picture: Haendel in 1990 (Stage Design Sketches)Theater Stage Picture: Cimarosa in 1993 (Stage Sketches) Theater Stage Picture: Mozart in 1987 (Stage Design Sketches)

During following discussions with the team of the performing art theater and during rehearsals of the chamber opera additional changes were necessary.

But at least all worked out and each first night after stage lighting went on and theater stage curtain opened, it broke the tension and was always a great relief.

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