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Balinese harvesting riceBali Art / Balinese Women

About three million Balinese are living on this small tropical island, which is part of the "Ring of Fire" in the Indonesian archipelago. It spreads over 150 km from east to west and about 80 km from north to south. Most Balinese are Hindus and their religious rites and traditions dominate Balinese daily life till our days as well as 100 years ago. The constant thread of erupting volcanoes and earthquakes have reminds these devote people to celebrate all temple ceremonies carefully, therefore several colorful and festive decorated ceremonies take place at various places each month.


Bali ZeremonieBali Art / Zeremonie

The festive, colorful sarong, the traditional cloth for men and women, in which the islanders celebrate their temple events, had been first inspirations for many Bali-paintings of Iz Maglow.

Bali OfferingsBali Art / Offerings

Like you can see in his Bali Art, the women are carrying high pyramids and baskets with offering on their heads, while walking to their temples. For these festive events they use expensive Ikat-weavings. During Balinese daily life fine decorated Batik-cloths are one of the dominating cloths (besides modern global trends and fashion labels, like anywhere else on this planet.)


Balinesische Totenverbrennung eines Fürsten 2006

The hidden tropical paradise with islanders, who lived in modesty and harmony with their nature has changed into a up-to-date tourist destination, where most achievements of modern life are no longer unknown. Nevertheless the Balinese are proceeding an interesting way, which leaves enough space to celebrate their traditional heritage as well as to integrate the advantages of 20th and 21st century industrialization. Whoever come to Bali for the first time appreciates the friendliness and calmness the of the Balinese people.

Even without an actual festive events Balinese create artistic woven baskets and little bowls to hold various blossoms and sweet smelling joss, and place it everywhere in their houses to please the demons for their spiritual world as well as their Hindu gods.

Balinese in festive dress

The historical black-and-white scenes of the movie Virgins of Bali from the year 1932 show the tropical Bali as a paradise, where all people live unison with nature. The first part of this movie, that could be seen for a while on YuoTube, presented the ancient Balinese daily life and showed the busy procedures of the people on this tropical island on a new morning in 1932.

The 2nd part of this black-and-white film takes a closer look to market scenes and narrates who the people had organized their life. The 3rd part documents preparations of an ceremony of an ancient Balinese wedding. The former address on YouTube was:


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