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Artist Self Portraits (Iz Maglow - 1992)
Artist Self Portraits (Art Events - 1988)

Contemporary Fine Art means also digital art or cyber art. Therefore German Art Artist Iz Maglow created once this web site called: "iz all about me". It shows artistic digital Artist Self Portraits of this German Art Artist. For each year of his life he picked one authentic picture that kept a strong memory to one moment during that year.

In this part you will find Artist Self Portraits related to the artist Iz Maglow, to important events, to memorable places and last not least of course to unforgotten friends of Iz Maglow, who says: "Unfortunately for my dear web site visitors, but fortunately for me, there had been more friends than years. So - sorry for those friends, I couldn't honour with an cyber art page by now, but be sure, you are not forgotten, too."

Even more impressions throughout the artist's way of life and his often changing surroundings you may find in "a few Square Meters around Iz". At last for all friends of entertainment and fun, there is are online Game to play. - Even a self created one.

Summary of Digital Self Portraits of Iz Maglow


In his artistic digital Artist Self Portraits (1955 - now) German Art Artist Iz Maglow combines personal memories with single photographs for each year of his life. With various digital editing he created a big collection of cyber art. It was ever about presenting a photo show of old personal pictures. Instead this was always meant of creating new artistic images. The web presentation starts with the latest entry.


Art Events (1955 - now) is a collection of all kinds of events that took place during the life of German Art Artist Iz Maglow. Personal occasions, many exhibitions and opera stage designs found an artistic image editing. For each year of his life Iz Maglow selected one memorable picture and changed it in his own way. The web presentation of event of Iz Maglow's life starts with the earliest entry.


Iz' Places (1955 - now) try to be places alive were Iz Maglow had travelled or lived before. All location photos belong to a collection of Iz Maglow who transformed all into digital cyber art, - one for each year of his life. All is seen as a platform, where Iz Maglow is also experimenting with his digital work on images and presents this work to his friends and an interested audience. Starts with the latest entry.


This is a little homage to Iz' Friends (1955 - now). How would someone be without his good friends and the Artist Iz Maglow has created for each year of his life one digital image for a friends during this time. Well that sounds  easy to do, as you might think. But what, if there are more friends than years in your life yet? Anyway, I hope you might enjoy this presentation. Iz' Friends web collection starts with the earliest entries.


A few Square Meter around Iz is a collection of several digital edited images to a few locations, like the artist's house or surroundings of Iz Maglow. This section is not sorted chronological. It just collects various impressions of the painter's daily life. But even here all images are digital edited and presented as cyber art images. All thumbnails shown in the following section can be enlarged.


With these online Games and more entertainment Iz Maglow hopes to enjoy old and young art fans. This collection offers at the moment one self created Art Game: Dragon Sky (actually this was just to see how it would be, if...) and following common games by other cyber authors: 100m Runner, 3D Driver, Asteroids, Breakout, Car Race, Gopher, Defender of the Moon, Tetris, Word Search.

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